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In a day to day life, tackling with various clients, the most important topic that always strikes through is, WordPress hosting or so to speak, where to host the WordPress site ? Believe me, many clients are not technical enough to decide on the hosting that suits their business needs and always has a primary concern before building any sites or commencing any project. So it is primary task to suggest the hosting platform for clients with its pros and cons at analysis/discussion phase of any project.

Page load speeds impact visitor experience and search engine rankings and security is critical when it comes to malware, brute force login attacks, and a rash of other security emergencies that come with WordPress being the most popular CMS on the Internet. So spending time for research to make an effective decision to choose better hosting platforms is way to go.

The criteria to choose the hosting platform purely depends upon the nature and the business domain of website. There are many factors to be considered, more importantly the number of visitors/users engagement in the site, security measures etc. Another important aspect is the client budget and how much client is willing to pay for monthly subscription to host his/her website. However we have an options and we can clarify clients with advantage and disadvantage of managed hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting.

As per my experience, usually i suggest following hosting platforms for my clients according to the business needs and budget plans :

WP Engine : https://wpengine.com/

Synthesis : http://websynthesis.com/

Site Ground : https://www.siteground.com/

Pagely : https://pagely.com/

Do You Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. If you’re a system administrator, or someone who’s familiar with the ins and outs of WordPress, you can manage a WordPress installation yourself. That’s important to note, because some of the managed WordPress Web hosts we’ve reviewed are significantly more expensive than non-managed WordPress Web hosting. It’s wise to shop around.

Also, a managed WordPress environment won’t allow you to set up a non-WordPress site—that’s something else to keep in mind, especially if you have a site in mind that will rely on specific Microsoft frameworks, for example. In such instances, you’ll want to go build your site on shared, VPS, or dedicated Web hosting services.

However, one of the best parts about Managed WordPress hosting is the premium support. Support is provided by real WordPress experts with lots of experience rather than someone who is reading a support manual.

Before pushing your site to live make sure you do some good research to choose the best hosting platforms keeping in mind the basic elements such as server hosting capability, server response time, its packages and how good are the customer support provided by hosting.


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